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§# QuiCk pLanS #§ | divinity

§# QuiCk pLanS #§
Well all of a sudden.. 1 day ..

I will marry yesss but not so soon lol n it has 2 b wiv sum one who luvs moi <3

Hey 1day I will have a baby , I wud luv 2 hav a daughter but I wud luv a son azwell ^^; yep I will give him/her all ma luv n teach the very lil I kno bout lyf ~ oh and he/she will have an huge united familyy yeah :)

I wud want 2 live in an appartment bcoz thats where I use 2 live so.. It doesnt need 2 b huge but it wud be nyc n comfortable tee-hee what do u think bout that?

What about YOU?
13 Commentaires:
My name narasimman sad panna girl friend thevai cal me9751593599
09.12.2012 11:37 EST,
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
i wud want to live with my lover boy from h.s. wit one boy n one girl in a nice house
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Donatas. s
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Find sum1 dat really loves me (daemunarch)
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Hi ana or amy lol. I av bin 2 portugal - arreia branca. I speak a bit of the language my step mum is portugese! Av a luk at then follow d link 2 my uva sites and also follow d link 2 my email nd email me - we´ll kp contact! I love ur wap site! Email me soon frm mywap page fanx! Frm clive, england
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I want to live in portugal in albefria in the algarve Soz cant spell. I went there on holiday once and it is a really beautiful place i know a few people there too. Even a holiday romance so maybe he is still there i will have to see.
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I am 16 :)
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I would like to meet u
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
I think thats very nice how old r u
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
Aw, beautiful plans. =) il be happy, sucesful, in love and have evyting i need. =) x <3 Sadie =) x <3
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT
That´s lovely!Perfect!The only bad thing about it is that i´m 2000km east of you,darling,i live in Serbia.If you like,you could contact me on or i will contact you,so that we could talk about every thing.Also,i M A BIG fan of ff7!
17.07.2012 08:02 EDT

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