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Sex With My Mom & Uncle -

Sex With My Mom & Uncle
brief - Sex With My Mom & Uncle
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Well this is my first story on
I am Preeti from Delhi 23yrs old
Hot gal originally from Bareilly
I am doing MCA here and always
find gr8 men’s in my life to
explore my body.
I am living with my mom here
dad is in MNC in Noida so he
comes to home at late
night….whole day we are here in
home alone.
My mom is a gr8 sex goddess of
40 usually I didn’t thought about
her in incest way but after this
great incident my life changed.
She is a beautiful lady with
hanging boobsie having figure
around 38-30-36. We usually
talked about each other’s body
my sizes are 36-28-32. I usually
touched her boobs a lot…but
wanted to have something with
her but didn’t dare as she is my
My uncle comes in our home
now and then he is my mom’s
friend. He is around 30 bold men
with nice body. I liked him very
much. One night it was raining
hard in NCR all was like flooded.
Dad said that he will stay in
Noida in his friend’s home. Mom
was happy and called Rajesh
uncle to him, we had some
snacks and we ended up to rest
and it was around 8 o clock…
After around 15 minutes..I hear
moaning voices..from moms
room..I came to her room and
saw from key hole…she was
jumping like an animal on Rajesh
uncle’s 8 inch cock….she was
moaning…I started fingering
myself as I was aroused and
suddenly uncle came up on
missionary position and started
fucking more fast..Mom said fill
ma hole! My nipples started
bumping out and I was totally
aroused…and suddenly uncle
said i am about to cum!…he
threw it into her deep!..
I rushed to bathroom and had
masturbation with a marker into
my pussy! That night I wasn’t
able to sleep properly as I saw
my mom’s heaven and uncles
mushroom with hair over his
chest. In the morning saw my
mom…she was happy..uncle had
left already in early morning…
Next wasn’t
at home….and uncle came..While I
was taking bath. I came in towel
around me…and I opened the
door told him to sit.
And suddenly my Towel slipped
in front..he saw my gr8 ass..and
was smiling…I rushed to my
room for clothes…..afterward I
came to room where uncle was
sitting….He said ” koi baat nahi
preeti…yeh hota rehta hai” I
laughed…and suddenly mom
came…they went to bedroom..I
went to study room..and
suddenly again noise came from
moms room…noise of bed was
there…chee choon! I was totally
aroused again…this time….I
closed my eyes….I didn’t knew
where I was…and pressed my 36
size boobs…suddenly door
opened..Uncle was standing in
his shorts..
I was shocked as I was having
my boobs pressed …He started
smiling…and I was very shy at
that moment. I ran to my room…
I was shocked and was thinking
now what I will do! That night
my mom while on dinner..said to
me ” kya tumhara boyfriend
hai”…to which I replied No!…She
asked me again ” kya tumne sex
kara kabhie”..I was
shocked….and truly saying I had
sex in my BCA college In
Bareilly..I replied her yes…She
asked me what i was doing in
noon at her door…
I said her sorry…but mom has
understood my urges for sex…I
said ” galti ho gayi….control nahi
ho paya…awaaz sunke” She
laughed and said ” arey
ek zaroorat hai body ke
liye..maza le abhie…shaadi ke
baad ka intezaar mat kar!” I was
slightly in shock and smiled….she
said to me to come to her
bedroom in afternoon
tomorrow…I knew that mom
too started a plan in her
she was Sex Goddess.
I came next day to her…she was
wearing a lingerie with red
rose…and sexy uncle was lying
there to let me introduce sex
world! I knew that! Mom said ”
come here and have fun with
uncle”….I sat beside him with no I too wanted a Man!
He hold my hand…mom went
away to take bath…I said to him
” what are you going to do with
me” he said ” nothing …but will
be introducing my rod to a new
I laugh and saw him opening his
pants. I was staring there….and I
too rushed to myself opening
my capri and shirt..he helped me
a lot then. I was in my Lingerie
of red and black design…he
started kissing me on lips…I hold
his head tightly over me….and
started shaking his rod from his
underwear…..He opened my bra
too…now his eye was just
staring at them..he hold them
and cut at my nipples..I was
moaning louder…..aah aaah! 36
size boobs were hanging…in
front of him…he started smell
and kissed them…..was rolling his
tongue over my boobs….like a
I suddenly opened his
jockey..and started smelling cock
after 3 years…I was hungry for
his cum..I started playing with was having some hairs
on it but I sucked them hanging
like anything hehehehe..I came
to dick…it was red hot of
8inches…black….sucked it…he
pushed me over to that…he had
some pre cum….I sucked them.
Now it was having a hot time in
moms bed….he opened my
panties which were sticky..he
started smell them and said ”
tum toh mast ho” then I said ”
jaldi karo ab….cannot control”
He laid me on bed….and started
fingering my red pussy he
started rolling his tongue over
me. I was in heaven raised my
legs he started into deep into
pussy. Suddenly Mom came in
her lingerie after bath and
laughed and said ” lage raho
Rajesh….hey preeti kaisa lag raha
This was a new shock for me
now…I didn’t expect for a group
sex. My came near to me..opened
her pussy and gave it to me…she
asked me to lick it…now I was in
heaven….I wanted Rajesh to
fuck me…nearly after 15
minutes on his fingering…he
said ” ready for this ride”…..
I shouted to him jaldi karo! mom
opened her Bra…she was a
goddess then….in her 38 melons.
She sat near me. And uncle
inserted slowly..His dick into my
love hole….I moaned…ahhh
muah…yeah! he started with
slow jerks..And began fast after
5 minutes….he was having a
great stamina…and nearly he did
14 minutes…and said he was
about to cum…I said to her give
it to me he threw all over into
my mouth….I was having Hot
Uncle was moaning aaaah..! Then
he smiled at mom…mom joined
us on bed…I was still a little
hungry..Uncle laid on mom in
missionary position and inserted
into her hole….I was watching it
like hungry bitch! They did liked
dog….mom was holding her
tightly. Then they changed their
position to doggy one…he
smelled moms ass…gave it finger
and started inserted into her
asshole…now I was having my
heart throbbing out….
I was amazed and getting
horny….he called me near to him
and asked to gave me him mines
ass….then he started jerking
mom on full speed like Ferrari. He
was fingering my ass hand to
hand…this was my first
experience. In life then he took
out his black and wet dick out
from mom… was moaning
fingering herself……then he
inserted into me suddenly! Now
it was a painful thing to me.
I was crying…magar he didn’t
listened to me…he started giving
jerks…..nearly after 10 mins…I
was again a horny girl…I replied
by making ass round…his balls
were throbbing me at back…I
loved it..Suddenly he ended
inside….I felt the Hot fluid in my
ass…..deep hot…..
Mom asked ” ho gaya kya” I
smiled at her…she understood
and was laughing again…but
uncle laid on her…and then i too
laid on bed….uncle kissed me …
Smelled my back….he licked my
armpits…they weren’t hairy at
all….Mom asked me to go to have
bath…now mom started playing
with uncles cock. I get on to
have bath and they have again a
new session. We use to have sex
now and then. Mom do not take
the whole involvement…but she
catches us on video by his
camera we see it when we are
hungry…we too have a lesbian
relationship let me know my
first…story…how it was
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