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[about festival]
2003 Mayday ´Mayday Cosmos´ (Russia)
2002 Mayday ´Mayday Russia´ (Russia)
MAYDAY International
2003 Mayday ´Troopa of Tomorrow´ (Germany)
2002 Mayday ´Mayday Budapest´ (Hungary)
2002 Mayday ´Mayday Polska´ (Poland)
2002 Mayday ´Culture Flash´ (Germany)
2001 Mayday ´Mayday Polska´ (Poland)
2001 Mayday ´10IN01´ (Germany)
2000 Mayday ´Mayday Polska´ (Poland)
2000 Mayday ´Datapop´ (Germany)
1999 Mayday ´Best of House & Techno´ (Germany)
1998 Mayday ´Save the Robots´ (Germany)
1997 Mayday ´Sonic Empire´ (Germany)
1996 Mayday ´Life on Mars´ (Germany)
1996 Mayday ´Day X´ (Germany)
1995 Mayday ´The Great Coalition´ (Germany)
1995 Mayday ´Reformation´ (Germany)
1994 Mayday ´Raving Society´ (Germany)
1994 Mayday ´Rave Olympia´ (Germany)
1993 Mayday ´Judgement Day´ (Germany)
1993 Mayday ´The Religion´ (Germany)
1992 Mayday ´Forward ever - backward never´ (Germany)
1992 Mayday ´A new Chapter of House & Techno´ (Germany)
1991 Mayday ´Best of House & Techno´ (Germany)

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